For Sale: My 36" Nimbus Nightrider

For Sale: My Nimbus Nightrider 36" with Kris Holm’s two position cranks and travel bag. It also has the mounts for installing brakes which I never did. I have put about 250 miles on it and its is in excellent condition as you can see. There are a few scuffs here and there with the pedals being the worst of course but overall in great shape. This is a great deal for somebody who doesn’t want to pay for a new tourer as this one looks to be only about a month old. I can’t remember all of the specs on it (sorry), I’ve had it for two or three years (bought it new) and only rode it three times last summer, so its time to move it out. I am asking $400 for it and I’m hoping somebody close by wants it so that I don’t have to ship it, cause I didn’t keep the box that it came in. I live in Harvard Illinois, 60033.


If anyone wants pics, send me an email to

Sold, thanx yall