FOR SALE: MUni 24" Poz-Profile Hub/cranks, Gazz, Snafu, Leather & CF seat

MUni for sale (like new):

Original replacement frame for KH MUni made in Taiwan

Poznanter-ProFile Hub and Crankset with Alex DX32 Rim
24" tire
170 m cranklength
Crank color Chrome
Spoke color Black
Nokian Gazzaloddi 3.0 (still has the red thread running thru it–not more than 100 miles on it)

350-mm seat post, 27.2-mm, made of chromoly steel, includes post for mounting brake lever

Snafu Platorm Pin pedals
Ball-bearing sealed, black

Miyata replacement parts saddle, front handle and rear bumper, CNC-machined from a solid block of Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene

Gemcrest Leather Replacement Seat Cover for Miyata, with Gemcrest Carbon Fiber Seat Frame, manufactured in England by Roger Davies. Black

Obviously bombproof and excellent ride, but I do too much on-road.

Make an offer here or PM me. Add $25.00 shipping in USA, and it’s yours. I’m in NYC.

Do you have pictures?
I may be interested!

yeah, could we get some pics?

Do you have a price in mind?, and would you be willing to part it out? I have the stupid 04 DX frame that wont accept any decent size tire :angry: , so I am definitely in the market for another frame, or a resonably price MUni!

Maybe, but not just the frame.

You can’t get it new from for under $11-1200, so I’m looking for at least 6, maybe 7. It’s like new.

pictures please?

If you part it give me dibs on the seat if its the right price.