[For Sale] Miyata Flamingo unicycle directly from Japan

We attended UNICON 2002 in Seattle and bought this 24" unicycle from one of the Japanese delegates who did not have room in her luggage to take it back to Japan with her. The uni has the famous Miyata cro-moly chromed frame with the special Japanese MKS plastic pedals. There is decent tread left on the tire and the saddle is in great shape. The saddle is made from the good Japanese plastic and not the Chinese plastic that caused so many problems a few years ago. The seatpost is the shorter one so a taller rider would need to find a longer post. Here is Unicycle.com’s American verison of the unicycle.

Overall the unicycle is in great shape and needs a new loving, caring home. We’d like $175 plus shipping for the uni. I’ll be shipping it completely disassembled. Call us or email us with questions:
work: (815) 561-2024
home: (815) 562-3876
email: yoopers at verizon dott net


Mary and I have talked and think that even for this unicycle, our price is too high, especially if you have to pay shipping. We think $150 plus shipping is a more fair asking. So $150 plus actual shipping costs it is.