(For Sale)Miyata Air, Roach, GB4, Reeder seat.

One Miyata air seat Roach cover with GB4 Stiffener and Left handed Reeder Handle.
Not looking to part this out but it’s possible if people ony want components. Cover in great shape, air seat insert, GB4 Stiffener plate, Left handed Reeder handle. All together, this is one bomb-proof seat. Take the whole thing for $70.00CAN you pay shipping. Make me an offer on the components and I need a hub and cranks, so let me know. Thanks.




Would you Sell Just the Redeer Handle? I Couuuuld pickup


darn i was gonna say maybe id pick her up beener :wink: havent been on here in a long time lol

Sorry Grant. I had to get rid of a bunch of stuff that wasn’t being used on anything and this was the first thing to go. Let me know the status of you Koxx-1. Maybe we can bring it back to life.