For Sale: Maggie H-33 Steel cross over

if anyone is interested I’m thinking about selling my H-33 maggie brake (yellow) with steel cross over. It works fine I just dont use it much so I might as well sell it

if your interested make an offer, notice I am a bias seller. People I like get first grabs, buyers pays shipping to anywhere they want*

*Free shipping to Antartica because its cold and awesome.

Hey Mike, check your pm’s.

lets do the bidding out in the open if you dont mind… how much are you looking for checker?


Basically as I hinted at earlier I just want to see the brake go to a good home. I dont want to bust the bank on anyone. I got the brake used in good shape and have put little use into it myself.

I want to keep the mounts just incase I get another one down the line, so the buyer will probably need to get them. (if you have a kh frame they are on there) New mounts go for $26 for a 4 bolt pattern ( ) or $35 if you have a v brake set up like I do. ( )

I would like to see the brake go to a younger rider who might not have the finacial ability to purchase an HS33 normally…

Sorry I didnt post that info earlier.

Bevan has dibs on it now, but I’m asking $70 for it. Shipping included

ok thanks, just wanted to know how much.

give it to bevan