for sale. luna 19" trials tire

mint. these things are rare.

make an offer

How many do you have?


How much are you asking? Cause the are definitely not rare.

more like 13.00$ if you ask for a dealyo

last i checked all i could find were creepy crawlers
no set price
just trying to get rid of it to the highest bidder.

You might wanna tell everyone how old it is, set up pics, what kind of riding it went through, how worn it is, etc. Personally, I would never buy anything I couldn’t see unless I knew it was brand new.


£5 + post if you are in the uk.

I would possibly stretch to £5 but I live in the uk.

I’m not really keen on the luna tyre. I don’t think it’s as good as the creepy crawler. Iv’e recently switched and I much prefer the new tyre. It’s lighter.