For Sale: Lime Green Trials Uni

miles, the little kid with the high voice who had a skateboard…

“can i ride your uni?”
“can i ride your uni?”
“can i ride your uni?”
“can i ride your uni?”
“can i ride your uni?”
“can i ride your uni?”

that was you right?

Haha, yeah thats him.

what do profiles mean, or what are they or whatever?



profiles are the hub and cranks. basically back when the need for hard core equipment was new profiles were the first crank to come out that could hold up to most abuse. they are the original good cranks for uni’s. and us old school riders still ride with them.

miles, its cool, just harrassin you.

is this still for sale?

i will call him later and get back to you later today.

I know this is old, but I sent a pm.

Im intrested.


is it sold yet?

I think so…i didnt buy it.

how much you wanting for it again? And is it sold yet, if not do you do paypal?

he is asking 400 and i am pretty sure he takes paypal. he doesnt really frequent the forums much so i will let him know if you are interested

Yeah I am interested let him know that I have been looking and have him pm me

why dont you PM him
(sorry for the pointless post but i couldnt help it.)