For Sale: Lime Green Trials Uni

Ok so i got a used trials uni. its in great shape, save the fact of some cosmetic issues such a a few paint scuffs. Heres the setup:
alex dx 32 rim
chrome profile hub/cranks
lime green bedford frame(some scratches)
miyata seatpost that has been rienforced and tillted up. the welding is less then steller, but is still very strong.
reeder right handed handle
miyata seat base w/ stiffener plate.

I’m asking $400, which is a deal. if you are interested, PM me or eamil me at


those profiles look pristine. you crazy rightie :wink:

Wow how many profiles do you got man?

3 pairs of cranks. 2 hubs. unless he sold his muni with profiles which i think he did. so 2cranks and 1 hub.

how much does it weigh?

how much does it weigh?

it is profiles so it isn’t light. but it an amazing deal. considering you are getting a uni that is debatably better than a KH and for a hundred dollars less than a kh.

what happened to your moments?

ill buy the seat if you want to part it out.

he rides his moments. thats why he is selling this uni. because he never rides it.


are u fraggers just gonna talk about what i ride , or are u gonna buy it?
na just kidding i don’t care…but somebody needs to go ahead and pick this uni up, its a great deal

how did u know i had moments?

you were riding that uni with moments at cmw.


not cmw

check your PMs justin.

like he will be on anytime soon…
i will tell him for you though

can you pm me his celly number if he’s got one? My phone died and i lost most of my numbers.

its (846)745-4547

just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: he doesnt have a cell

did i meet you at moab? sorry i can’t remeber who u were, and i don’t recognize ur SN

That’s miles.
The little kid. He’s cool.

Seriously though. If you can’t sell the uni whole i’ll snatch up that handle off you in a heartbeat.

justin and i were talking today and he said he found a buyer for the whole set up.