For Sale: Large Marge 24" Rim

Like new, very lightly used. This rim usually sells for $130.00

I will take 62.00 OBO :astonished:


for $62 I am oddly tempted to grab this before anyone else does but then I remember I didn’t particularly like 24" Muni’s when I tried them. (26er fan)

This probably won’t last long.

If you bothered to click the link provided by the original poster, then you wouldn’t have to ask a stupid question.

There is a 36 hole version available, so it is possible that he bought it from somewhere other than UDC and was providing the link as a reference for the price.

If it is indeed 36 hole I will take it, otherwise it is still up for grabs.

O and Sam, Yes You Can!

It is 36. Not sure if UDC has a typo or what. I dont know why they would sell a 32 hole rim when the standard hub is 36.

So yep 36 hole.

Alright Sam, PM me on how I can send you money and how much to ship it to k2g 3p1 Ottawa, Ontario Canada