[FOR SALE] Kris Holms Trials

I have an all stock Kris Holms 20in trials for sale. It was purchased in april and i haven’t ridden it much because i have been using my kh24. It barely has any scratches and is in perfect shape. It has 127mm cranks, which some say is better for street trials. I honestly don’t want to sell it but i need the money to afford a new free ride mountain bike.

i will sell it for 400 dollars, and i will cover the shipping. pictures on demand, just ask.

I live in Atlanta Georgia (USA).

thanks for looking


If only I knew about this a few days ago…

I just ordered a Hoppley, but I would love a KH20 :o

dang that does suck…sorry i should of posted earlier LOL…actually i posted a while ago but just wasn’t sure i wanted to sell…but now i need to make room in my garage for another toy :slight_smile: lol

That hurs=ts us all man…

LOL, i’m in no way leaving the sport. Well i’m leaving trials…trials just isn’t for me…i’m more of a “hey that looks hard, lets see if i can ride down that” kind of guy…so my KH24 is perfect more me and my style :slight_smile: i won’t ever let it go.

But the KH20 needs to leave my garage… some one make me an offer.

If you end up parting out i might take the frame if the price is right.

still for sale…400 OBO. this is a 2005 KH20.


back to the top…once again.

kh20 for 400…and that includes shipping.

Ok, 390 bucks and i’lls till pay shipping.


yo ill give u my profile trials uni… everything is fine on it except seat post… all I gotta do is get my hub fixed… so u wont get a seat or a seat post with it tho.

ill do 390 if i can get some pics pm me if it isnt sold as i dont want to post my email address

my hoppley still isnt here, and this KH20 for 390-400 is eating away at me

“waiting for the kovachi wheel to come in”…
“waiting for the frame to get back from the powdercoater, and then we’ll ship it”…

gahhH!HH! :thinking:

EDIT: I’d like to see some pictures too, though

hey guys…i’ll get some pictures up ASAP…Hopefulyl tonight, i need to find some batterysfor my camera :frowning: LOL…


Ok here they are :slight_smile:

The left crank in the picture is what i used to do about 10 crank grabs, but honestly it isn’t scratched up badly at all…the frame has a couple of scratches but is in great shape, i haven’t ridden it in about a month LOL its in awesome shape.

um…that about it, the pictures speak for themselves.

Its kinda dirty in the pictures, its been sitting in the corner of my garage for a while…and i think last time i cleaned the garage i blew dirt and dust all over it on accident with the leaf blower LOL…i’ll wipe it off before i send it out :wink:

the only other thing is that i do not have a paypal account, and all i can accept is a check or money order :frowning: I can give you the names and e-mail address and screen names of those i have sold to on other car sites such as Newcelica.org and Spyderchat.com. I have sold alot online, but nothing on Unicyclist.com so i don’t want people to not trust me.

I’ll PM primus and if he doesn’t want it, i’ll post and the next in line can have it.


hmm, i’m thinking about it and i think the reason the frame looks kinda dull is because of the flash…i knwo for a fact my cars finish is not that dull. my car is very clean and shiny. I guess shooting pictures in a very dark garage isn’t a good idea at 12am.

Oh well.

Oh yeah…i have decided the proceeds from this sale will be buying me a magura brake for my kh24 :slight_smile: So rest assured the money i am making is being reinvested in my unicycle.

almost cries

a KH20" is practically the best trials uni on the market (IMO).

gahh, I had a dream last night about gliding over some curbs and grass (something I cannot do IRL - but not the first time I’ve dreampt of such a thing)

I was on a blue uni, but I think it was the Hoppley…This deal is almost too much for me to bear :o

LOL i’m sure you will get your hoppely soon… don’t worry. and if it falls through maybe primus will back out and you can buy my 20in. Just smile, you’ll have a blue Uni soon…just not Kris Holm one :wink:

i really want this. like my birthdya is coming and my dad is gonna buy em a torker dx, but if i can talk him into spending more for this, which im sure couldnt happen, ide deffinately take it. he doesnt see how any unicycle should be worth $400, he just doesnt understand

Ok well Primus hasn’t responded…so i guess this is still for sale. i gave him 24 hours.

So if you want it PM me and we can get this thing sold and out of my garage.



This Uni needs a new home.

i just responded at like 12 dude