[For Sale] Kris Holm Evolution of Balance Banner

Measuring approximately 40"x80", this is an awesome, high quality banner. It’s made out of some nice smooth fabric but I don’t know exactly what it is. Each end is wrapped around some aluminum pipes so it hangs very nicely.

Features the 2005 Kris Holm line:
KH-20 Trial
KH-24 Freeride

There are a couple minuscule stains which are only visible if you’re up close and looking for them. Otherwise it’s in like-new condition.

For over a year now I’ve been falling asleep each night gazing up at this banner on my bedroom ceiling but I’m moving and unfortunately there is no good space for it in my new home.

I predict this item will spark a lot of interest so I’m looking for $50 + $10 for shipping unless you want to pick it up in Olympia, WA or Portland, OR. I don’t know the exact original value but I’m certain it was over $100. If you don’t want the aluminum pipes, shipping will only be $5 (they provide most of the shipping weight and incur a surcharge due to their length).

If interested post here or for faster response, email me at jack.olsen@gmail.com .

Wow, that’s a cool poster

I’m intersested and in the portland Area, I sent you an email.

Banner is no longer available, it will be going to Ducttape.