[For Sale] Kris Holm 24" 06 (UK)

In great condiction only scuffs on pedals and seat guards. Only light use.

£200 ono + P&P

will you ship? - if I pay

yes :slight_smile:

:astonished: Are you selling up Damien? What are you going to use for Snowdon?


selling to replace/upgrade

do you have any pics and how much would shipping be ? postal code is t3e4t9

Is that a UK postcode? it’s not valid.

Pics are in it’s current honest dirt state. Magura not included, missing 1 crank puller. I’ll throw in the sponge bod square pants valve cap :slight_smile:

Only ever used it for 4 muni rides.





no Im in canada thats ok if no international shipping.

think shipping will be £48.42 with insurance upto £250

I dont have the money right now but I should get it soon. If it hasnt sold when I get it I’ll give 225euro

sorry it’s in £ not €

o ok nvr mind then with shipping and customs it will be like 600 canadian so I can just buy a new one sorry

Maybe I’m missing something… But why are you selling a unicycle you’ve only used four times to get another one of comparable quality which I assume will get used a similar amount?