For Sale: Kris Holm 2004 Black Cr-Mo frame

£55 Including delivery

Frame is in pretty good condition only been used a few times at local skatepark, a couple a scratches here and there but no major damage.

Frame comes with a seat clamp also.

UK buyers only.

(Pictures should be up later today)

So did you originally have two of these? One went to scott :thinking:

:frowning: Uk only :frowning:



that looks like a 24 inch, is it?

Nope, it’s a 20". Look you can see it says “KH20”…

will it fit on a koxx devil

Yep, it should.

That is actually very tempting, I love my 24" version of that frame! But it’s a bit out of budget at the moment, I have 3 holidays coming up to pay towards and have money for.
Oh well, I’ll just make the 24" look cool, then work on pimping my 20".

Sorry I should really have said it is a 20" Frame.


will you sell for 40


ill give you 60 american dollers

Which is £30?!:wink:

No to £40 and definately no to $60 (UK sales only remember)

it will take me a bit to get the munny but i wold like to buy it.

is there no flexiblety with the price?

The price for this frame is pretty fair as is. It is not easy to get these frames into the UK without importing them from America or elsewhere and as i’m sure you’re aware this is not cheap to do.

They are also very good and strong frames so they will last a long time and take a load of abuse.

I can’t really be any fairer about the price once you take these things into consideration.

Cheers for interest :slight_smile:

i just wanted it soner less munny wold take less time. ill private message you wen i have the munnny

This frame is still for sale, no message from the prospective buyer so any new takers/bidders are welcome (still UK only though folks)