For Sale: Kris Holm 20" Trials Unicycle

Hey Everyone, I have a used Kris Holm 20" Trials Unicycle for sale on ebay. Its in great condition, just some scratches on the cranks. Its the standard KH blue aluminum frame, and has the KH Onza cranks/hub. The link is as follows

Its in excellent riding condition. I just haven’t been riding in a few years. Its a perfect gift idea for Christmas as well. Thanks for checking it out. email me with any questions, preferably through ebay since I check that often.


im way interested!!! tell me can you take it off to sell it on here?

just bid on it

im watching it and waiting because if it doesnt go too high im gunna have to do a last minute snag on it

i might put a bid in just for the frame.

plans ruined now:p

I have a question, can you do trials on a 24", because, though, weird, i’m 5" 2’ and I like 24 more than 20

I think you can… But 20" is probably waaaaaaaaaay better :smiley:

how much for it?