[For Sale] Kris Holm 20" Australia - Brand New

My mate bought online a new KH 20", but its the 2007 model, not the newer KH2008. He’s considering posting it back to the US, but I talked him into letting me post here first.

Anyone want a cheap brand new KH 20"? It has not ever been assembled - the wheel and tyre have been removed from the frame & rim to pack it small enough to post internationally.

Inspections welcome at Brunswick, Victoria. Can post COD Australia Wide at buyers expense. Asking AU$600.

only offered for 7 days before he has to send it back!

im not trying to knock you, i promise… and i am interested

but did you know that you are asking for like $20 more the the unicycle is actually worth… by american exchange any way…

um… i think i have to retract that last comment… good GOD they charge you guys WAY more then they do us…

Yup, its a bugger, but unicycle.com.au sold their last 20" 2007 model afew weeks ago for AU$650, and the 2008 model is AU$850. so I don’t think the price is too bad.

If anybody wants to make an offer, I’ll pass it on.

Last days… any takers?

hi would your friend be willing to part it out??
if yeah i am interested in the wheel set.??

for like 150?

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for your offier. I asked, but he’s not willing to part it out. The whole thing is brand new, so he’s trying to recover the whole sale price, or close too…


Yup, they have monopolies in AUS and NZ. I buy from Germany and the UK lol.