For Sale: Koxx Street/Trials Wheel

Used Koxx Street/Trials wheel. No pictures yet as wheel build hasn’t been completed but specs:

  • Koxx Reinforced Hub
  • Koxx 125mm trials cranks stripped down to raw aluminum. They look really cool and you won't have to worry about tweaking them like you would with the koxx street cranks on more extreme drops or sets. Aluminum wont rust so you won't have to worry about clear coating them.
  • Lightly used 07 KH rim with blue rim tape. Looks brand new. It's better than the Koxx rims as its got spoke eyelets for a more solid wheel build.
  • Sapin 13g(I believe) spokes - these were used in a previous wheel build but are good for another wheel.
  • Used Maxxis Creepy Crawler + tube - shows a little wear but still plenty of tread

The wheel is currently unbuilt so for those of you who are looking for a sweet custom uni this is a good chance to be able to powdercoat or paint the rim or hub. If you would rather, I could build the wheel but I don’t have an estimate on when that would be done as I’m rather busy lately and I’m certainly not an expert wheelbuilder. One thing to note is that one of the bearings isn’t quite so smooth but it still rides, rolls and flips fine. If it really bothered you you can get replacements from renegade for relatively cheap and you wouldn’t even need a bearing puller as koxx bearings can be removed by hand.

I’m looking for $190 + shipping but I may be open to other reasonable offers. I’m not willing to part out unless all the pieces are accounted for.

Pics of the cranks when you get a chance

They are the ones which need washers for the pedals. The washers aren’t pictured but are included.

EDIT: Typo in the original post, the spokes are Sapim, not Sapin though I’m sure everyone understood.

Damn those cranks look nice.

Well I know you want to sell all of it at once but if it doesn’t happen just let me know. Hopefully other people chime in for the rest of the stuff

how much would that be in AUS??

including postage??

Just out of interest. And totally not trying to sour your awsome deal…But you mention that aluminium wont rust so there is no reason for a clear coat…your right it wont rust but it will oxidizeand go all black and tarnished…Good idea to spray a few layers of clear on there just to be safe.

Looks like $202AUD but thats without shipping, I bet it would be pretty expensive but whats your zip code. Maybe its doable?

I do know that metal oxidizes but from my experience it never goes “all black” it just makes it a little less shiny and most people who strip their KH frames raw don’t bother clear coating. These cranks have been this way since February and still look great. They aren’t chrome or polished by any means but they could be shined up even more. They have a rugged brushed metal look to them. They look really badass.

I’d also like to note that oxidation doesn’t harm the aluminum as rust does to steel. Oxidation actually serves as a thin protective layer.

Oh i know that…I just like things all shiny.

This is a GREAT Deal!!!

Surely somone out there needs some of this stuff?

Well, I’m about to finish building it up, so speak up if you want it and wanted it in pieces so you can powdercoat. Thanks for your interest so far people.

$180 for it built

Plus shipping and I think we’ve got a deal.

done son… when is the soonest you could get it sent out?

That didn’t work out. Still for sale.

those cranks look amazingly cool! I may have to do that to mine one day.

im interested. post up some pics and i’ll have a look…

Still available


Currently I’m waiting on a potential buyer to okay the shipping costs. If they feel its too expensive to ship to Canada then this will be for sale. I’ll give an update as soon as possible.

Please Take me second i am in the US.

If it falls out i am interested i am in the US!