FOR SALE! koxx-one

Im selling my koxx one blueberry. its time for an upgrade.
make me an offer

the tire has good tread… its about half worn down
it has 24 butterfly pedals
its cranks are pretty scratched up but i can grind off the paint and smooth it off with a polishing wheel.
other than that, its a solid unicycle.

i keep the spokes tight and maintain it properly.
if you have any more questions pm me


Where are you? What size cranks? Would you be wiling to sell just the wheelset?


agree. I might be interested in the frame.


yea get some picutures and how much are you asking for it

i would like too sell this whole uni.
if you guys can come too an agreement so i can get rid of this whole uni. i wouldnt mind parting it out

pictures coming on monday or tuesday

make an offer


where are you located anyways?

I will buy the Try All tire.

would you take $170? Please send pics

Agent Q takes wheel, I take tire, UnidudeDX takes frame, and then just keep trying to sell the saddle, or just hang on to it.

i might be interested in the saddle and seat post as well…

Cool, you have parted your uni.

Awesome, I hope you are still ready to part that baby out.

Would it be okay if I took the tire though?


has anyone even recieved a reply from this guy? i pm’d him a couple of days ago, but to no avail.

sorry guys, i went out of town i couldn’t get to a computer with internet
someone offered me a decent offer. so i will sell it to him, whole.

unless he bails out, its sold. ill let you guys know

What was the offer?

Wait, is it still for sale, or if you sold it why did you post pics? I want the tire:)