For sale -koxx-1 blueberry with KH street saddle

I just want to know how much i could get for this uni.

metallic blue rim(true)
koxx-1 isis cranks (140) and hub(reinforced)
Red Kris Holm street/trials saddle
K-1 black pedals
try-all sticky tire(still has alot of life)

i dont want to peice this out unless all of it gets sold.


i agree.

Id think in the range $350-$400 it also deppends on the condition…

You can get a brand new one from Renegade for $430 so depending on the condition your estimate might be valid.

i took a grinder and ground off the scratches on the crank arms too make em look good. there pretty shinny and the flash in the sun… lol.
the seat it about 1 month old.
pedals, all scratched up but thats normal.
rim. perfect
spokes. perfect
frame: some scratches, but still shiney




your completely useless… ON THIS THREAD
pictures comming. :roll_eyes: