for sale koxx 1, 26 inch, super cheap

well the guy who wanted it changed his mind so for $275 i will sell this uni, and i will even pay for shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

I think you should at the least sell this uni for more than that. It’s a great, strong uni, and it’s worth alot more than $275. Even used.

well I am not very big into unis, but I just need cash unless you want to buy it for more?

the only part im interested in is the seatclamp:)

here are some pics of the unicycle, It is still available, so anyone who wants just pm me.





that is sooo cool!

I’m sure someone will grab it.

how much are you asking for it right now?
and would I have to pay shipping to the U.S.?

I think $275 or higher. if I wanted a 26" muni, I’d easily pay $300 for that. It’s practically brand new!

Well I’d easily pay $500 for it if I wanted a muni but I don’t so I won’t.

Why!!! you can get a new one with a brake for just a little more… And you don’t have to worry about getting juked…

I am asking $285, and i will pay for shipping.

Why sell it, at this rate it’s a great investment. By my calculation it has gained $85 in the last week. That’s an average increase of $12.14 per day. By the end of the year it may well be worth over a grand! In 30 years, you could probably retire on a single tire.:wink:

I’m just kidding you. Happy trading.

I am honestly thinking about dropping the price down to $200. Because everyone is like that is sooooo cheap, you should sell it for more than that. Then people say “you cant change the price”, then they say “yes he can”. And all I want to do is to get rid of this thing, because i am not good at riding it, and I have no time. I want to put it on ebay, but there are no others like this on there, and I dont really know much about it.

So please everyone the price is $285.00 and that includes shipping. I will even list the uni on ebay with a buy it now of $285, if that makes people feel safer.

I suggest putting it on ebay with a buy it now of $285. People on the forum usually talk about getting stuff more than they actually get stuff.

yeah just shove it on ebay and end this now, its getting silly. And i dotn think its your fault mate, you dont know what people are ready to pay for it, its not your fault.

I’m upping my hypothetical bid to $600.

do you still have it ?

its on ebay.

only 4 hours left!!! go to ebay and type in koxx and you will find it.

Hope you sell it.:slight_smile: I’m getting tired of all the bickering! :angry: