for sale..........KH24 MUni frame

this a 2004 frame…about 3 or 4 months old…

great condition. no dents or messed up bearing holders.

this is the model that comes with the true 27.2 diameter seat tube not like the first run that had the lame 30.0 or whatever huge size it was tube. JOY!



just look at those bearing holders, not a scratch.


i may consider trading this for a used lap top.

somone with a Yuni frame or Nimbus would like to bolt the puppy on…

i could add an Swallis uni handle into the mix for another $50 (fits miyata and KH bolt pettern.

sw handle.jpg

no really serious offers yet on this so i think it will hit the auction soon.

PM me if you want a killer frame.

the handle has been sold

the kh frame is still available and sitting in the corner boxed up ready to go…

Thanks, Jag.

Edit: I imbedded some images, but they were huge. For some reason I couldn’t open them with paint to shrink them.

ok ok jag

calm down

I “MIGHT” want the frame

get the might part

did i spell “might” wrong? if so, sory

Weird. I couldn’t open it in paint at all. It said it wasn’t a valid file or something.

obie,glad you got it, and it got there so fast! did you enjoy your office supplys? sorry i forgot the rubber bands. those blue paper towels are shop quality enjoy.

total uni, what do you mean might? im not going to hold for you if thats what you mean. Sorry but the first person to get a USPS money order to my mail box gets it.

Yeah, thanks, it did get here fast. Thanks for the offices supplies, I actually used some of them. Now send me the frame or I’ll tell your boss you’re pilfering supplies.