[For Sale] KH24 Like-new

For sale I have a KH 24 with the KH/Onza hub and cranks. I bought it used in November here on the forum, from the original owner. The pictures attached are NOT pictures I took, because I can’t find my camera cable. However, I have ridden it rather lightly, and the condition has not changed. I only took it on one muni ride in Virginia in December. Aside from that, I’ve ridden it around in front of my in Texas house here and there.

There are hardly any scratches on the uni, except for the sides of the pedals. The tire is a Duro Wildlife 3.0, which has almost all of its original tread. There was a tiny tear in the seat, but I sewed it up with a needle and thread.

I hate to sell this guy, but the DX24 I have is more than adequate for my purposes, and I’d like to get a Nimbus 29 with the money from this KH24. I find that I am more interested in distance/commuting than muni.

Included with the uni is a basic road tire, 2.1’ I think.

I’ll sell for $350, shipping included (lower 48). Elsewhere, I’d need to get a shipping estimate. I’d prefer payment through paypal, but something else could be arranged if need be.

I would consider some sort of trade/cash deal if someone wants to part with a 29 (or possibly even 36er).

If you have any questions, let me know!

ship to the uk?

I will ship to the UK, but at your expense. I imagine shipping to the UK would cost a pretty penny.

bumpity doo dah, bumpity dey!

well i am looking for something like this, hopefully i will get back to u on it! :sunglasses:

Would you be at all interested in trading for a KH trials?

Sorry, not really interested in a trials. I’m not really big into it, and I already have a half-decent trials uni, though it needs a new rim and seatpost.

I would really only be interested in trading for a 29er or 36.

250 usd

haha im guessing…not.

isaac u should trade ur 29er for it

I cannot accept $250 USD. It’s too far below what I paid for the uni.

Still for sale!

ohh the temptation!

if i wasnt saving for so many other things id be all over this, great deal though, good luck selling

Very Interested…

Can you give me a day or so to transfer the funds into my Paypal account?


I sure can.

Where do you live?

You could PM me if you’d like to not share that info with the world.

I’m in Tampa, FL

But I’m originally a Pennsylvanian.

I should have the funds in my Paypal account by the end of the day tomorrow. (I’m waiting for an auction to end on eBay.)



I just sent you a PM regarding payment.


how old, any major scratches?

thees yooneesykle are bin SOLDED!