FOR SALE KH20 w/Jim C's pedals!

$400 OBO!!! will have pics soon. pretty much brand new. i just dont ride it anymore.

Is it a 05?

hahah yea sorry, i just realized that i didn twrite anything about it… there are a few scratches on the frame, from a fall, the seat handle has a couple of scratches, the seat itsself is in excelent condition,it is a KH fusion seat, the edals are alittle scratched, but it is a trials uni, everything else is in great condition, like i said i get some pics soon, ill try tonight.


PICS!! notice the scratches on the one side, every where else is pretty much brand new. $400 OBO!!!










Now, what currency are we talking?

I can’t beleive you’re selling this beaut!

I know someone who may be interested, i just need to know what currencey we’re talking, and location. I’m in Australia, so it’d cost quite literally an arm and a leg from some places.



it’ll be USD coz he’s in america :slight_smile:

usd it is!!!

is 400 with shipping?

as long as shipping isnt outragous, then sure.

ill need a bit of time to get the money but it shouldnt be too much but check it to make sure the area code is 02067

ok ill check it out


why are you selling a kh20 if yur waiting for one?

I’m guessing he was waiting for it.

so as soon as I ordered my Nimbus Hoppley two people put their KH20s up for sale…


I would have definately bought one of these instead

oh well :roll_eyes:

the nimbus hoppley is arguably stronger than the KH. it’s just a bit heavier.

ehhehe same for me

but iam happy with the hopley

i was waiting for it… but i got it, and now it just needs a better home…

Would USPS shipping to Canada bew included??? K7M 2L6

i can check… like i said befor as long as it isnt outragous.