[For Sale] Kh Trials

It is a 2005 Kh Trials in great condition. It hasn’t been used for anything extreme. I am not into doing trials/street,
I prefer the speed of 24" and higher.
It is stock except for the nimbus gel saddle. Asking $325

how much for the frame…If its reasonable its mine.

I would like to sell it whole. So im not parting unless someone else wants the rest.
If it does all go i would say something like this
100 for the frame
225 for the rest-195 without the seat

okay. if you end up parting it out…how much?

In case you didn’t see above
100 for the frame
225 for the rest-195 without the seat

I will buy the frame is you pay shipping to Europe , PM me…?


I would like to keep it in the US if possible.

Damn , but it’s weight is the same as a 2007 not?

And please…i’ll pay shipping if lower price…


I actually don’t know it should be close if not.

I would like to keep it as a complete package if possible. Ill wait and see.

DAmn , because i realy need 1 very soon…there’s something wrong with my Nimbus II , so i can’t ride these days…


I also have the original KH fusions saddle if the buyer would rather have that.

$325.00 plus shipping is really reasonable. I hope it’s still around in a week or so when I have the bucks to pick up another uni.

Is the frame still avaible?


Yes but i have a potential buyer so i am not parting out until he gets a chance.

This is on hold till around March 17th.

Thats my birthday!!!:smiley:

I have a KH 24" MUni that I might be able to trade. it’s in pretty good condition. and I’m also in Minnesota.

well I am in NM(New Mexico) Not MN (Minnesota)
and i would love to trade but it is half paid for already :stuck_out_tongue:

I should have it shipped off on Monday.

oh well.

Yeah sorry thanks for the interest and welcome to the forums