[For Sale] KH Trials Rim (2005)

So, just bought this KH trials rim from Brian O. As it was being shipped to me, the uni it was intended for got its cranks completely stripped (lent it to someone…). It has the old KH 8-spline hub. I can’t afford to put $$$ into this uni, I’d rather just scrap it and cut my losses. Thus, I no longer need this rim. It’s still in the box that Brian O. sent me. I haven’t opened it.

Brian O’s original thread can be seen here.

I’ll be taking a loss on shipping, but I’ll sell the rim for $25, the same price I bought it for.

Please take this off my hands.

is the hub ok? and if so how much for it?

I didn’t even think of selling the hub, haha. As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with the hub. I just knew I didn’t want to shell out a ton of money for new cranks.

Ummm, make me an offer?

Come to think of it, also for sale is:

KH 8-spline hub
Bedford trials frame
Very worn Luna trials tire (would be good for making a slick)

Make me offers!

Is the Luna even worth anything?

Good point. If you want it, either comes free if you buy something else, or free if you pay shipping :slight_smile:

ohhhhhhh can i have a pic of the frame???
dibs if its good.

Emile, just tell him you will trade him your Bedford for his Nimbus;) He will be downgrading and you will be upgrading…

i dunno.

I personally like the frame that comes on the Quaxs the best…its 25.4 and it has a nice crown, a good amount of clearence, could be a bit less…but its reinforced in the seatpost tube, which makes it stronger, and its a bit more beefy (not really a good or bad thing)

I can’t find my camera cord.

If I could, I’d take pics.


Bedford frame is black, with the Bedford logo on front.

well when u get pics…id like to see em.

Hey Chaz I’ll glady take that tire off your hands. Its ashamed your getting off the 20". Next time we ride you better show me your new uni

I will take the luna for shipping cost if still available.