{for sale} kh street fusion

I might be selling it but I’m not entirely sure yet. make an offer starts at 25$ with minor scratches. I’ll get pics up later.

$25 plus shipping, or shipped?

25+ shipping

how much is shipping

Where are you and do you ship north of the border?(Canada)

If that’s the gel seat I’m interested. You should put some pics up when you get em.

if I have 25 to spend after tomorrow, i will buy it, then be in indecision about what to do w/ it, but I def. want it.

DIBS!!! I gotta go to work now but I WILL buy it! My zip code is 49418. PM me and tell me how much shipping will be. I’ll be back tonight around 5 so I can talk to you about payment then.

ill give you 30 + shipping

Woah! This isn’t an auction. I still got dibs.

ok 30 dollars is the best offer so far. For another 4$ I’ll give you the united seatpost I have too. 25.4mm diameter.

here are pics…





ill take it

how long is the seatpost?


ive got dibs

no dibs guys the highest offer is 31$ by onewheelinweirdo the seat post is 292 mm long. if you want the post it’s another 4$

auction closed… parents said I can’t sell it… sorry guys.

just for future reference, this isn’t an auction.
Don’t say you’ll sell it for $25 bucks and then shove the first buyer out because someone else offers more.

sell it for what you say you’ll sell it, or put it on eBay.

Actually he said “make an offer” and “starts at $25”. To me that means, “make an offer, reserve is $25”.