[For Sale] KH Onza (splined) hub, 150mm cranks, and 165mm cranks in California, USA

For sale are the cranks and hub in the picture. I apologize for the quality–I spend money on unicycles, not cameras.

In case you don’t know, this is the stock crankset that came with, for example, a KH24 in 2005. The hub is 36 hole with 42 mm bearings.

All parts are in perfect working order. They are scuffed from use, but nothing is bent, cracked, or functionally damaged in any way.

I recently switched my cranks and hub to the KH Moments because I wanted shorter cranks, and compatible shorter cranks are harder to come by and more expensive. As far as I can tell, they are just as good as KH Moments. Hopefully someone else can use these.

Here are my asking prices in USD:
$50 hub
$50 150 mm cranks
$50 165 mm cranks
$130 for all

Shipping is $5 for whatever part(s) you want to anywhere in North America. I’ll consider shipping outside of North America, but I’ll need to figure out how much shipping will be.

I’ll accept paypal, check, or money order.

Feel free to ask questions, and PM me if you’re interested.

Dibs on the 150 cranks!!!:smiley:

Alright, the 150 mm cranks are sold. I’d like to sell the rest altogether.

$90 shipped to anywhere in North America for a KH Onza hub and 165 mm cranks. Or, add extra shipping for outside of North America.

If for any reason the 150s deal falls through, I’ll take 'em.

Damn. I almost contacted you earlier, Kevin, to see what you’d done with your old cranks after upgrading your 29er to geared. I’ve been looking for 150s for months. Oh well.

gezz… I was trying to sell a whole wheel set and noone bit at all…? whats the deals?