For Sale - KH Moment Cranks ISIS 150mm

These are used, but only slightly, I swapped out to 165mm shortly after getting the KH 07 muni they came on. $40 plus shipping - a great deal! I’m located in Los Angeles for figuring your shipping costs. PM me if you are interested.


Im kinda stupid… will these go on a DX?


Aww why not?
For some reason… I know absolutely NOTHING about cranks :smiley:
ehhh sorry for posting so much in this thread… :frowning:
(I would buy them for sure if they fit :))

I might get them . what is shipping to 88310 going to cost me

Torker is not isis

According to USPS 2 Day priority mail would be $8.95 to your neighborhood. PM me if you are interested!

yea the torker is a ten spline hub style… i have one.

isis is 10 spline also

oh i didnt know. sorry.and thanks.

ISIS is ISIS. Torker is NOT ISIS

Number of splines is not the way to see what fits with what.

Study up young’ns

read old one

i was just informing UniDudeDX that isis had 10 splines also so that it was a bad way to classify.