For Sale KH moment cranks 150mm

For sale: 1 pair KH Moment cranks as new (put em on my uni then decided were 2 long but already had small scratch so couldn’t send back)
$50AUD (ono) + postage

Item Location: Geelong Australia 3000

One moment please.



carry on…

Would have been funny if you hadn’t stolen that joke from Terry.

Broznich, are you open to trading with people for shorter cranks? That may give you a few more options.

Well I didn’t really even attempt to steal it, just replicated it because it’s a recent thread a lot of people have seen, and I was just testing it out :smiley: .

lol everbody’s stealing my jokes! :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

are you saying the price i want is to high or no one would want em? i just want to get rid of them, they are no use to me i will accept virtually any offer as i would prefer someone else to be using them rather than just sitting on a shelf

i would take that as a compliment.:smiley:

Lol I do. Replied as such ealier today, to another joke I made that was re-used.:p:D:)

i think i’m outside the loop on that one.

(Sorry for the threadjack here) Anyway, be watching my next video when I mention you! It’ll make sense to you when you see it lol! What’s you first name btw? (Is it “Broly”?)

Hey, Im in Woolgoolga NSW. What would the postage be? (post code: 2456) Could you send me a picture or two I might be intrested in grabbing them if the condition is good.

Im not sure you can really say thats yours, as its been said by thousands of millions of people for many years now.

I remember saying that way back in Elementary school. =p

Haha true, the “thank the academy” phrase is indeed old as time itself; I was just saying that in the context (uni) that I used it, it was obviously copied.