For Sale: KH Air Saddle and Misc Parts

KH Air Saddle-Fusion Cover, air pillow w/20" tube, plastic KH style base($30)
KH Rail Adapter($10)
Onza 27.2 seatpost w/brake post-5 1/4" from bottom of brake post to end($10)
KH 25.4 alloy rail type seat post-9" from rail slots to bottom of post($10)
Generic 27.2 alloy rail type seat post-8 3/4" from rail slots to bottom of post($5)
Power Grip pedals-not really unicycle related unless you’re very daring($15)

I also have a 25.4x27.2 seatpost shim to include with the 25.4 seatpost if someone wants it. Actual shipping from NC will be added. I’ve tried to be fair with the pricing, but feel free to comment if you feel otherwise.

Private Email sent

do you take paypal?
if so, and if those straps come off those pedals and can anchor onto others, i’d like to get them.

PM sent concerning the KH rail adaptor

I have a pay pal account. I’ll just have to figure how to accept payment. The straps come off and mount on most platform pedals. If you look up power grips on the web you should be able to get some specific info. If you decide you want them, give me your zip code and I’ll estimate the shipping.

The air saddle, rail adapter and 25.4 post has been sold. Thanks for looking everyone.

zip code is 96162, i’m still possibly interested.

I estimate $6 shipping max for Priority. Just let me know. These work good for commuting or mountain biking if you don’t go clipless and want to wear normal shoes. They help with efficient peddling and are easy to get in and out of.