[For Sale] KH 29er rim (new)

i have two ov these, i’d like to keep one and sell the other…they are only 35 bucks but since they ship at over-sized rates the shipping can get crazy and boost the ultimate cost almost twice as much.

shipping can be from $30 to $50

anyone want to come pick this up localy. i paid $100 for the pair from uni.com btw.

If only I had waited. . . . Your post is just two weeks too late. I just got a new KH 700c rim from Darren Bedford in Toronto. Where in Oregon are you anyway?
Bryce in Portland.

oh, that is to bad…im just down the road in Salem.

you got a buddy up there that wants one? you want Two?

i got both for $70 plus $30 bucks express mail. (UPS was $50?!)

what was shipping from Cananda?

Toronto to Portland was $20, but took 2+ weeks. My need for 29er rims should be met for several years now, good luck. Say, I know that UDC is out of stock on the KH 29er, maybe they would take them back??

interesting thought but i doubt they would want to pay me retail plus shipping just to sell them again for the same price.

i only need to sell one,some one will snap it up sooner or later. probobly someone coming threw on I-5 or at 2006 Cal-Muni week-end…if i can get there this year.

if only i had some cash… and a reason

i had cash, i had a reason but all of a sudden there was an option.

i was going to build up a 29er bicycle but Surly didnt have any KM frames.and after waiting 5 months i bought a Kona Dew on a 2005 clear out sale for 300…maybe i sould just sell both rims?

yea you can get good money on the KH rims if you sell them to a few 29er bike riders I would say do that… and enjoy your new dew.

awe good idea, maybe an ebay auction even.