For Sale: KH 29 in near MINT conditon!

This is a 2005 KH 29er with minimum use and near mint condition! Excellent all around the tire tread is close to like new. All stock and in great shape, solid, light and nimble! $450 plus actual shipping. (no added “handling” fees yay!) I will only ship inside US.


You can get a new 07 for about that much from aebikes. I think your gonna have to go lower, not that I am interested. I am saving for something else…

Hmm, I was going by UDC’s price of $600. Since this uni is as good as an '07, just different cranks and hub it’s like new so I thought that price seems fair. I would maybe come down $25 but that’s about it. I’d jjst keep it otherwise. :smiley:

:astonished: you seem to have unicycles here there and everywhere!

I would buy it but:
1 - i’m outside the US
2 - I’ve only just bought one!

Haha, It’s not like I’m PDC!:stuck_out_tongue:

Flippin’ unis for the new Coker perhaps? I enjoy your videos! Keep on ridin’! is $599…

he didden’t need to know that did he? :roll_eyes:

why are you selling it. you love your 29er

I’m down-sizing. I may have less than 10.