[For Sale] KH-29 + a bunch of other stuff!


I have too much unicycle stuff and need to narrow it down a little. So, I’m selling the following via eBay (all with no reserve so you might snag a bargain!):

KH 29


A skinny (light) custom wheel for a KH-29


KH Freeride Saddle


29 inch Kenda Nevegal Tire


29 inch studded snow tire!


Let me know if you have any questions…

is that freeride seat really comfortable?


Or at least, I think so.

I have two KH Freeride, a KH Gel, and Nimbus Gel. The Freeride is by far the most comfortable for distance. The KH Gel is better for trials, as is the Nimbus Gel.

Skinny Wheel

Will wheel fit on my Nimbus 29er?
Can I use 125mm cranks?

Man that drives me nuts when people only ship within the us, its not hard to ship over the border!!! :roll_eyes:

If NAFTA was real it wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve never had issues with Canada but I have had problems in the past selling stuff via eBay to other countries. So, I’ve become a bit of an ass to make my life easier. Sorry.

I only live 45 minutes from the great white north, so if you happen to be near Vermont I’d be happy to save you all the shipping if you’d like to drive down and pick it up :slight_smile:

Negative, I am a west coaster. However I am interested in the BCD and some other things, no way you can make an exception?

When the 29 was at 30 dollars or something would you really have sold it that low?

Getting this uni for less than 300 dollars is a steal, it should at least go that high. I just built up my KH29 with a navegal tire and it is such a great ride, it is a fun muni size, and I would definitely recommend bidding on this.

I would have sold it that low because that’s how auctions work, especially auctions without a reserve.
But I was confident it wouldn’t stay at 30 dollars. It’s such a good unicycle, as many here will agree, and I’m sure there’s plenty of riders on this forum that would love a KH29.

What can you tell us about the rim on the 29er skinny wheel (not the whole uni)? Is it only suitable for skinny (road) tires, or would it take a knobby? I’m thinking about it for one of my sons, who wouldn’t need that fat of a tire, but would really only be riding it for muni–so at least a 29x1.95 would need to stay seated on the rim. What do you think?

On this page from Mavic:


It says the recommended tire widths are: 28 to 47 mm

1.95 inches is 49.5mm so it would be bigger than they recommend but maybe it would work? I was just looking at the wheel next to a 2.2 inch tire and it looked like it would be silly (too big), but as I said, maybe 1.95 would be OK? It would certainly be the upper limit.

The tire would most likely stay on but you would need ridiculous pressures to keep it from folding when doing any kind of side hop. I think it is silly to use a tire that is more than double the width of the rim, especially on a unicycle.

A skinny wheeled unicycle is a whole new beast and a blast to ride.

KH29 - 6 hours left - currently $212

Just 6 hours left on the auction for the KH29.

This was purchased October 17, 2007 for $599 from UDC. Less than a year ago!

Currently just $212

If I didn’t already have a KH29 I would pick this up, the 29er frame ALONE costs about 200 dollars.

I guess it will go up the last minute as people try to snipe the auction.

212.51 :wink:

Wow. It sold for more (with shipping, $436) than a new one from Bike Island. Nice going! Gotta love eBay!