[For Sale] KH 24" Freeride 05/06


Well im trying to sell my KH Freeride 06 and just wondering how much people are prepared to buy it for. It pretty much perfect nothing broken or makes a noise.

oh and im from Australia



$325 if you will ship

^^^ is that American $$$ or Australian $$$?

I would have given 450 canadian but with shipping and customs it would end up being the same price as a new one .

That is not true: if you made it out as a gift, lessened the value of the object, and ship it snail mail, it would probably cost around $40.

It would also take a couple decades to get to Canada.

lol that too

Not really, I have gotten things in a couple weeks from hong kong snail mail. Snail mail is pretty fast this time of year.

hey my brother is living in australia now. he is in brisbane

maybe he is coming to brazil in april and he can bring me a uni

How mutch AusDolar are you thinking in selling it?

can you send me a pm ?

I will take your uni in Aus…

e-mail me your e-mail address…

so we can cut a deal if you still have it…my e-mail address is wdommen@yahoo.com



A little after this time of year last year I waited a month and a half for a fairly small package to come to Australia from Canada, keeping in mind that I’m closer to Melbourne, I would think it’d take a bit longer then that.

However, I might have just been unlucky.

Good luck selling.