For Sale: Kh 24" 2007

I rode it literally once to test it out. Been in storage since, i will take pics if necessary, but it’s mint condition so you probably know what it looks like. I’m about 6 foot and it seemed fine for me. Seat post can be cut and can go up a lot higher. I have the extra hardware that came with it as well. I wanted to ride but never had time with school and work, also I’m trying to get some cash together for a new computer.

So yeah, asking $475. Would prefer local pickup but will ship if i have to (you pay shipping).

I live in Virginia (harrisonburg or anywhere around DC would work)

Steve -

I’ll offer $400 I pay shipping

AE bike used to sell em less than that but we have to work off UDC/Bike shop prices now…

I haven’t seen you around so I will need a tracking number and some safety measures…

still for sale

I’m interested.

I’m interested. I’ll PM you.

Sold. It got here today. Thanks Steve!