For Sale!!! Kh 20"

i got a kh 20" and some jim c’s pedals practicly brand new, i think i might have riddin the uni maybe a month, i also have a pair of 661 4x4’s size medium… well im i need of money so i need to sell my uni… but dont worry i have plenty more… im thinking since its all new $400+ shipping OBOfor all of it!!! ill have pics tomorrow.

hey you said “or best offer”
I dont have a lot of money but i was planning on buying the hoppley but i
would pay 330 for it without the 661’s

nvm i just realized that was NOV 2005

the join date was, but he posted this yesterday =p its a good deal, if only i had an extra 400 laying around lol

i forgot to mention that i have riddin this uni maybe 3 times, an di have never worn the 661’s, the pedals are just as new as the uni. and i take back the OBO $400 is my offer.

y are you selling such a nice uni. And y has it not been used. this does not make sense lol.

i know i know… whne i go tit i was ridding alot and getting into trials stuff… but i have working a lot lately and im try to buy a house, and well i have a few othe unis this one was just my special toy, and i have been able to use it in a while, so i figured, i really dont need it, and i need the money more. im an impulse buyer what can i say!!!lol

I would sure say so, you did the same exactly thing with your 20" Nimbus X, you sold it with it barely used.

ah but i bought it back! hahaha

hey will you sell just the jim c’s and 661’s? if so how much

Ha, I might take the frame. Is it the new blue alloy frame?

if he buys the frame ill take the wheelset tire and pedals

What kind of saddle is it? I may buy that. That way you’d have it all parted out.


Is this Uni still forsale. thanks.

Check your PM or e-mail