[FOR SALE] KH 20” in South Africa

My buddy Kirk, is a bit strapped for cash and tryin to afford to go
over seas, to forfill his dream of becoming a skipper

he wants to sell his uni:

Kris Holm 20” (19”) Trials unicycle

  • black frame
    -dx32 wheel set
    -fusion saddle

With the following spares parts:

  • 19”KH wheel-set Alex DX32 Rim (new)
  • Kris Holm/Velo Saddle (new)
  • 19 x 2.5” Tube (new)

And also includes:

  • sixsixone 4x4 Knee-Shin Guards
  • Camelbak Rogue

All of the above for R5000.00

Uni and spares available separately

If you interested reply here or give him a call on +27722063323


how much is that in american currency, and what would shipping be?

Any pictures?? what year?? splined hub?? shipping?? how much for only the unicycle??

Well it has to have a splined hub because its a KH trials (unless it’s a norco but then it isn’t a KH) It is an '04 because of the alex rim and black frame. The '03s were orange and the '05s are blue and have a KH rim.

I think it’s about $825 USD. Too much for my blood!:frowning: And of course that doesn’t include what is probably steep shipping charge! :astonished:

that is a lot, im trying to find one for cheaper cause ir eally want the kh trials, but if anything im gonna have to get the torker dx or qu-ax, but they are all good

I just got a new Summit trials for $245. ( I know they aren’t made anymore, but it’s still new) With shipping of only $18, and no tax, that’s less than torker or and way less than a qu-ax trials, which is about $350 with shipping factored in. But all in all, the qu-ax or Torker dx is priced fairly low for a splined uni, so you can’t really go wrong.

WOW good deal i think… only 325 USD add shipping and its probly around 400 atleast.

How did you determine the currency conversion? What type of currency is “R5000”? I supected it was the South African “Rand”, hence, the “R” preceding the 5,000= $825 USD.

yeah your right…i misread the numbers i thought it said 2000 you were right…NOT WORTH IT FOR 825 USD

how much for the separet wheel…

thats a good deal…

gild help us out with the curency conversion, that cant be right