For sale KH 07 20" uni and Nimbus pink phantom uni (or trade)

I have basically two 20" unis that i would like to sell. Or if anyone has a decesnt 24 inch Muni that they would like to trade; i would do that as well. The two unis are: a 07 KH with a Qu-Ax saddle and a pink Nibus rim/KH Onza crank and hub, clear blue plastic Oddessy pedals.
The second one is A Pink Nimbus Phantom with a pink nimbus saddle, KH rim and Profile (orange) hub with cranks, and clear orange Oddessy pedals. Anyone interested i will send pictures to you. Just e-mail me at and i will give out more specs and pictures. I live in Wisconsin and only plan to ship within the United States. If you don’t have a Muni to trade for both of mine we can work out prices for the whole or for parts. Thanks.

If only you were in Europe:(

i’m interested


hit me up i am in new york and looking for a uni for my son for xmas----send both pics of unis to my email and price your lookin to get @


     jay I might be interested in a trade for a muni but I want to see the pics first.

if your planning on coming to Australia anytime soon ive got a new condition KH07 24". :stuck_out_tongue: