[For Sale] Junk Sale!!!!

Yep, im selling all my reandom crap im not using…

name your prices on all of it, Trades are allways good, im looking for alot of stuff so im not going to type it all out, so just say how much your willin to pay or what youv got to trade…

Evans random stuff forsale link!!!

later dudes…


go there and email me back

how much do you want for the bedford deluxe bc wheel or the other one that is pictured without the tire but comes with it. when i get enough money i could maybe trade in my cx or sell it to someone and buy it then get it from you, or like yeah, i really want a bc wheel and that bedford one looks good, or that other one so email me,

how much is the qu ax hub, and how much is the bc wheel?

Well…its same condition i got it in…they are 125 new on udc…so…100? and ofr the bc 60 or so…

I think I would probably get the BC, but I’d only give you $40

I’ll buy it for $45:D (or trade it for the giraffe i bought from you)

Oh and habbywall, I dont think you could get enough money from a cx to buy the 24" BC since it cost evan over $400.

How much for the saddle?

I am interested in your saddle, what kind and how much for it…



the cut down seat is not longer forsale.

I’ll take the batarang from picture 3.

the what


Evan, You feelin’ the pressure of this request?

Holy hole in a doughnut, Batman!


Is that BC still for sale?

The MBc is no longer forsale. I am waiting for a responce on the little bc.

1 cup wood

3 cups glue

so, ah… your link doesnt wanna work with me too much… how much you want for the wee bitty BC?

i dunno, 50-60?

any way you could pm me a pic? or just tell me what wheel size it is. that’d help.