FOR SALE: Joe Rowing Blizzard 24" MUni

Over the past year I’ve been downsizing my uni fleet. There’s a few riders on the forums here who are beneficiaries of my “Liquidation”
My goal has been to get down to two rides, This one is # 3 and thus not part of the streamlining plan.


Have a look at the gallery I’ve created. The captions pretty much sum things up.
I’m asking $250 which INCLUDES SHIPPING anywhere in the USA (48 states, Alaska or Hawaii would need to be arranged).

It’s a bombproof and very versatile frame. I’ve had it configured in many different ways. The nicely machined bearing holders take a 40mm bearing. It is sized for a Suzue hub and a Profile fits great as well. I used it that way for a long time (just put the thin washer on the inside).
Jagur had a Rowing frame and used a hub so it seems that is an option as well.
If interested please send me a PM.

  • Frank


if know one wants the uni ill take the frame



  • Frank

Wow! Sold in less than 7 hours.

i new that would go fast Frank… what a killer deal.

“He who hesitates is is lost”

now you can enjoy the one thing this forum has that the others dont and close it.

Congrats on the sale. Im looking into a muni, but i dont really wnat to get one until i can ride smoothly fowards and backwards.


Thanks Frank for a great ride. I will cherish it, and expose it rocks,roots and mud.