For Sale.......Into The Thunder Dragon (DVD)

well i guess i can let this go too.would anyone like to buy this DVD?..its in great shape,no scatches or blemishes.

if so,i’d like Twenty bucks for it and i’ll pay the shipping as long as your in the lower forty-eight.

Jagur, you are always selling stuff. Don’t you ever run out of stuff to sell? Have you ever regretted selling it? How do you afford all that stuff? What is your occupation? A general all around-er? I bought Into the Thunder Dragon from for $25, your one is a bargain if you want to pay the shipping.

Most likely, I’ll buy. I don’t have any vids.

Will you go to the buyer’s house and ride a unicycle around, so they have some unicycling to watch while they put this DVD in?

you’re mean sofa. :frowning:

i thought this video was cool, and with enough unicycling to make it enjoyable for someone looking for just that. then again, i watched it at nathan’s house so i got personal audio commentary :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, i’d buy it but i’m saving the little money i have for others on chrsitmas.

its already sold anyway Zach


i got a copy of into the thunder dragon im looking to get rid of.If you want it, its for sale. 30$ i also have univerese that im getting rid of for 15 i guess

i live in canada by the way! shotty not paying shipping though,


That’s cool jag, I just needed to find a thread where I could tell Sofa he’s mean. :wink:

That’s not much of a deal when you can get it from for $20. That is, in US currency :slight_smile:

ya well clearly ur not in canada

cause its like 40$ canadian and ive watched it once