FOR SALE in UK torker giraffe

Ive decided to sell my hardly used giraffe uni, as id like to buy a new uni and dont think i have much use for the giraffe anymore as i now have an injury which means i should not put much impact on my legs (and falling off a standard height uni is only just bearable). I bought it about 2 years ago from america (tax and shipping =more than uni!) and have only barely ridden it, so it is in good condition, it just needs dusting!

its the same as the one here

i am going to buc and might be able to get it there if i know someone wants it, other than that im in the south and im sure there are ways to get it to you, through post or pick up.

any questions or interest, let me know.



still for sale, anyone interested?

Maybe, how much are you wanting for it?

i reckon £75 would be fair. but let me know if you think thats too much or little! and im not sure of the best way to transport it, but im sure something can be arranged.

oooo, im interested

but ive got no money at the moment cos ive just bought a KH20

maybe if its still available in a couple of weeks?

and £75 is too much, i can get one new for about £60

you got any more pictures?

where can you get a good new one for £60? the cheapest on udc is £150, and on ebay for a new one its £99. if you can then i’ll lower what im asking.
its quite possible that this will still be available in a few weeks, unless MrBoogieJuice wants it, there hasnt been much interest. I dont have many more pictures, as i didnt use it much, but heres one of a closer view of the bottom half.


that link says 129 dollars

and thats £62

Yeah, but if you read the first post, you’ll see that the cost of tax and shipping cost her more than the uni itself. I think that £75 is a fair price. If anything, a little on the cheap side.

Sadly, I’ve already got a giraffe, so won’t be taking up this offer myself.


oh yeh, i didnt read it properly lol


looks like a good deal then, have to wait a couple of weeks til i get the money though

thatll be two new uni’s in one month :smiley:

I also have a torker Tx shipped from the US, i got it for $110, final price was £125 and an 8 week wait. This has to be the cheapest giraffe you will see in the UK.

k, thanks for the help

if nobodies bought it in the next few weeks, and i have the money, i will deifnitely be wanting it :smiley:

I’m going to have to pass on this. I’m pretty skinty poo and the club funds need to be spent on new juggling gear before I can start buying unicycles for it.

how do you ride them?

you pedal forwards… its a bit like riding a unicycle…

ahaha coulnt resist. balancing is a bit weird but its not that bad.

ive had some more interest and requests for pictures, so here are more pictures:

£=? many dollars?

It is roughly $2=£1