For Sale: HydraPak Hip Sip 70

anyone want this? Google it if you want more info…it’s the one with the biggest water capacity 70 oz, i think

fair offers only please. great shape, no issues.


i was loocking fore 1 how mutch :thinking:

25 bucks. i think thats fair since the 70oz doesnt seem to be available anymore and its in mint condition.

They HydraPak Hip Sip packs are good. I have both the 50oz and 70oz versions. Both are comfy and work well. The 50oz one is short on cargo space but the 70oz one has enough cargo space to pack lunch, tools, cell phone, and other goodies for a multi hour muni ride.

I’m a big fan of hip (waist) packs for muni rather than the backpack style. Unfortunately the market doesn’t agree with my preferences. All the companies have stopped making the 70oz size bum bags. CamelBak still makes a 45 oz and 28 oz one. The 70 oz size cannot be found any more.

The HydraPak Hip Sip has the JC stamp of approval.

first it had the Swallis stamp, then it had mine…your late to the party. :wink: