[For Sale] Hunter Mountain Unicycle (ebay)

saw this on ebay that thought some people might be interested.

Im going to guess Phil picks this one up.

Will those take a 3" tire? Shipping would be CHEAP since the seller lives right here int he same town :slight_smile:

edit: Just noticed it’s a 26"… I’m wanting 24" I think…

Looks like a narrow rim, but it just might be the picture. The frame should fit a 3" tire though.

it says it has been ridden less than two miles total. is it just me or does that tire seem to look like it has been ridden a heck of a lot more than 2 miles?

I questioned about the wheel.

The Rim is Araya, 26 by 1.5 inches. The tire is a Ritchey speedmax
26 by 2.0.

my question is:

how many thunderous drops can be done in 2 miles? thats probobly one of the old creeky/sloppy Profile hubs as well.

i wont be bidding. zero threat

thats a pimp muni