FOR SALE: GB4 muni frame... 26x3... (FRAME ONLY)

Bidding starts at $10… By It Now for $50

(FRAME ONLY) Used custom GB4 muni unicycle frame. Fits a 26x3 inch tire on a Surly Large Marge rim. Takes a 22.2mm seat post and 40mm bearings. Spaced for a Suzue hub, but can spread to fit wider hubs. Red powdercoating. Powdercoating is scratched off on inside of frame from me riding once with the tire packed with mud and gravel. I’m selling this because I have a new frame that will fit Surly’s new 3.7 tire on the Large Marge rim. (FRAME ONLY)

Will NOT fit Surly’s new Endomorph 3.7 tire.


Check your PM’s

Check your bids :smiley:

LOL, this is fun.

Sweet this might be fun. Depending on the out come.:smiley:

$20 shipping for just the frame?

20 is pretty generic, it may cost that much to send it far away like to me. if its packed well it will be heavier too so i can see it.

who is g–funk?

Re: FOR SALE: GB4 muni frame… 26x3… (FRAME ONLY)

what happened to the buy now option?

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i found out why.

buy now, disappears after the first bid unless you have a reserve…