For Sale: Freestyle - Street / USA

Need to Sell FAST FAST FAST.

What we have here is a Custom freestyle build, made to be strong enough for street. Its been used maybe a total of 1.25 hours (if that). Super shinny, basically brand new.

Saddle: KH base and cover, shaved down nimbus foam, has freestyle handle.
Post: Nimbus Mini post. 100mm.
Clamp: Nimbus offset double bolt.
Frame: Nimbus X with 42mm machined clamps, 300mm longneck
Hub: Nimbus 36 hole ISIS
Cranks: Qu-ax aluminum 114s
Rim: Odyssey Hazard Lite. Very good strength to weight ratio
Tire: KHE folding park tire 20x1.9 Lightest BMX tire on the market.
Spokes: Primo 14g Green
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted Plastics, your choice of orange, purple, or black.

This thing weighs in at somewhere around 9.75-10 pounds. I think, I dont have a great scale for uni weights. It is super light tho

ACTUAL PRICE = $316.00 unbuilt + Shipping.

SELLING FOR = $300.00 build and shipped OBO. Please note I would like to sell this as quick as possible and am willing to hear whatever offer you have.


This thing is super sweet. Light, fast, strong. The truth is I like building up unicycles at a rate faster than I can go through them. This was gonna hang around as a learner uni, as well as a freestyle uni for myself all while being strong enough to take street riding.

I am currently in need of all the cash I can get to get myself a working glass shop again.

Any questions you may have I am happy to answer.
-Sam Haber

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Wow, this thing looks totally awesome. Something like this would be tough to build up too because the parts come from all over the place.

wow great kit there, makes me wish I had cash.

not a complete thread jack but my 2 cents…

  1. Sam Haber has a unicycle building fetish…
  2. I have one that he built and it is one of the most amazing unicycles ever.
  3. If you are looking for a good free style uni buy it because soon sam haber unicycles are only going to sell for a premium cost.


Is UNI still available???

I totally want that… but I cannot afford another major purchase…


Yup. Still available.

I also may be willing to part out if there is any interest in certain parts.

Thats a really nice uni. To bad I don’t have the money to spend on it right now.Somone hire meeeee!!!

I will buy Odyssey Pc’s Black

For $10 i pay ship?

No deal.

Sorry one of the few parts I am not willing to sell alone(for anything less than retail value).

I also will not sell the cranks for anything less then retail. As the pedals and cranks are two things, when sold I will just be buying again.

someone needs to buy my giraffe so I can buy this.

Has this sold?


Sorry I did not shoot you a PM. Yes this has sold.

NP Sam.

Was a good deal even at full price, I think. You have inspired me to build something similar. I think I would really like that rim.