[For Sale] Frame, seatpost, pedals, and Misc. Junk

  1. Nimbus 2003 Frame, Only a few knicks and dings, no mounting hardware. Fits 22.2 Seatpost.

  2. KH/Onza/Velo/Koxx/Torker LX 22.2 Seatpost, not bent, no rust.

  3. Wellgo style BMX Non-removable pinned pedals, slightly worn, pins still good, only minor scratches.

  4. Home-made Black padded miyata seatcover, used for 5 minutes and works fine. Great if you need a uniform look on your saddle for a performance or whatever. Fits over larger handles such as Kinport, and Carbon Fibre.

  5. Original Miyata metal re-inforcement plate. Just a little dirty, otherwise in great condition.

  6. Magura Black Brake Booster. Fits up to 2.6" wide tires.

  7. Miyata handle reinforcement plate for Kinport, Torker LX and Miyata handles.

  8. Bedford 3 bolt seatpost clamp. Fits 22.2, bolts are NOT stripped, works very well.

Not Pictured (make inquiry if interested):
Jim Ceileniki Black Pedals, Slightly worn and in good condition.
Snafu Black Powdercoated Pedals, Barely used, great condition.
DK Iron Cross Black Pedals, used, but pins are still 90% unworn.
KH Fusion Front Handle, Barely used, great condition.

Make me an offer on any of the items, and I probably wont refuse. Really, all i’m looking for is to get rid of these, so shipping and a few bucks is all I am asking.

i am interested in the peadals and the frame does the frame fit a trials tire

Yup, the frame will pit a 2.5 trials tire with plenty of room to spare. The ID of the frame is around 3.5" wide.

can you give me a price in canadian if possible on the frame+seatpost and will you ship to southern ontario?

Sure, I’ll ship to southern ontario.

I’ll get back to you soon on shipping.

i might want the frame for 15$ and where are you and i live in alberta how much would shipping be

never mind i don’t have money

will the miata cover like fit on a kh seat with the foam cut in half

How about the seatpost for 10$ including shipping? And how long is it? Can you post a picture of it from the top?

I believe the seatpost is 200mm, and I can get a picture of it alone if you want.

Just a dumb question, why are you getting rid of all your pedals at once? Riding unicycles pedal less now?

Nah, I’m actually only selling 2 sets of pedals, the ones in the pictures and just one of the 3 pairs listed, i’m keeping the 2 that dont sell.

Should read torker DX seatpost. The LX saddle is a miyata. I think.

Ya it is, also some of the LX’s are 25.4

all LX’s are 25.4, its the CX that takes 22.2

I do believe he is talking about the seat. In which case that will not fit a LX, but will fit a DX.

Still have the frame and seat post???

Yeah, the frame and Seatpost(s) are still for sale. One is 70mm and the other is 200mm. You want?

I’ll give you $10 for the frame if it 's for a 24".