FOR SALE: First Generation KH Hub/Crankset

I have for sale a first generation KH hub and crankset (140m). I bought it new, a year ago this May from a bikeshop in Minnesota. It was on my Summit, which I used to learn trials. I have never taken it off a anything bigger than a 4 feet drop or 6 set. No cracks or bends they are perfectly straight. Right side has scratches from grinding and crankgrabs. The only issue I ever had with them was that I managed to strip the pedal threads, (both sides, at different times). I got them both professionally fixed with helicoils, one by Darren Bedford and one by a local bike shop mechanic. They are both now as good as new (minus the scratches). Reason for selling, I’m switching to street and am gonna get 127’s.

I’m thinking $110 - $125 (CAD), but will accept more if you really wanna pay it. Price is negotiable, tell me if you think you are getting ripped off.


ah im interested can you post pics of lots of different agles of them like the scratches and that?

I will but right now my uni is in the shop waiting for my new hub, the old ones there with it I might be able to find a not very good pic just sec, no there aren’t any good ones.

I should have it some time this week.


Did you know that Qu-Ax make very good tubular 127mm cranks that are designed to fit the Kh hub? i.e. you don;t need to changethe hub to get 127s