For sale: EB cromo Bc wheel plates.

Make an reasonable offer.

I also have a 3g bikes 20g tire for sale if you wana slap that on your 20" bc. $12~

oh i get it, not to expensive eh, how low is they.

3.75" from foot surface to bottom of hole. 4.25" long.


Are those top plates above where you feet go like to keep you feet down?

Yes, or “Gripstrips”. They help hopping SOOO much.

and they are really scary for when you want to bail.

Uhh, No? you can bail really really easily out of these. What do you know, you haven even riden them.

I’ll buy the 20g if it’s not too much to ship to Canada, postal code L8L 7M1.

It would cost 16 bucks to ship and take 4-6 weeks to get there.

just a question evan why are you selling so much stuff are you stopping with bcing or did you just had to much stuff laying around.

Im not unicycling or bc wheeling anymore.

Why Not??? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

he busted himself up.

oke but are you for ever stopping or just taking a long brake.?


why is that then?

Weak shoulder.

why don’t you just do distance riding. i seem to remember a time when evan loved riding his coker.