FOR SALE: Dodger Unicycle (Look at the price)

FOR SALE: Dodger Unicycle

I have just been looking at unicycles on ebay and i spotted this.
What is so good about it that it has a bidding price of £609 :thinking: its only a Dodger after all. Does anybody know why it is so expensive since you can buy one at UDC for £66.50


someone probly hit the 0 key while pressing the 9
and didnt change it

i hope so…otherwise they have got a really bad deal!

its not a mistake did you not see it comes with the guide to unicycling, 2 for 1 a great deal! lol

ohh i missed that i might put a bid in actuly :smiley: haha

lol yea it must be worth it with that guide in there.

nope, it went from 3,99 to 599 then to 609


I’ve got a 20" Dodger in my bedroom! I bet I’d be able to get £400 for it!



i wouldnt get your hopes up Andy.

I’d better start buying some of those! :stuck_out_tongue:

The dude probably didn’t want it to sell for $6 so he had a couple friends/other accounts bid way more than its worth. This way he keeps it and gets positive feedback.