(FOR SALE) Custom Trials cycle

Nimbus Street frame powder coated magenta …22.2
nimbus quick release 22.2
united 22.2 200 mm seatpost
Orange Nimbus gel saddle( brand new)
nimbus ISIS splined CRMO 36 hole hub
purple haze TITANIUM spokes
purple anodized aluminum nipples
19" Nimbus trials rim powdercoated granny smith green
rox rim tape
20 x 2.125 tube
maxxis creepy crawler tire
Kris Holm ISIS Moment 137mm cranks
odyssey twisted PC plastic pedals

$375 OBO

if you are anyway interested in this please email

Nice, high quality, durable, rugged componants…One question, are you colorblind? :slight_smile:

Just kidding.

Definately not a QR clamp…

If Barney unicycled, this would be his unicycle.

He never said it was. He was just saying that if you buy it, you are going to be getting it with a QR.

I’ve heard titanium spokes break easily.
Is this true?

Why get this when a KH is still $415?

I think you mean $514 http://unicycle.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=1&subcat=9&cat=Trials and the answer would be because this is a crapload cheaper and all custom painted. Not to mention the Ti spokes.

AE bike sells KH 07s for $415.


I’ve heard that, too. Something about how Titanium spokes either don’t stretch enough, or stretch too much. Here’s what Sheldon Brown says about them.

Listen people, if you aren’t interested in buying this guy’s unicycle then don’t post. I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate you all talking crap about it. You guys can have your opinions but express them somewhere else, its not meant to be here. You are just making it more difficult for him to sell his awesome uni and for someone else to be able to buy it and enjoy it.

Well, I am interested…that’s why I asked the question and if it’s true I think any other buyer would want to know.

It wasn’t directed at you, don’t worry.


PURPLE frame STREET TRIALS frame is available to BEST OFFER

The frame on this uni is still for sale?
Or a different one because this one doesn’t look purple.

How much are you asking??

I think what he is trying to say is that this frame is still for sale, but the rest of the uni is being sold with a RAW KH frame in this setup: CUSTOM Trials uni (FOR SALE)

I bet you could work out the original deal with him though.

I’m sorry if I sounded like I was trying to make this sound like a bad deal, but I try to give as much info as I know (or can link to) so that whoever buys it is making an informed decision.

This color combo has inspired me to try a different scheme for my custom uni.